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Tile Adhesive

  • Renafix Thin set tile adhesive is a multi-purpose, polymer modified premium floor & wall thin set powder
  • Offering vast utility including application of tiles and stones on interior floor & wall installations.
  • It is a cementetious thin set powder to be mixed only with water to install various types of tiles & stone on variety of substrates using thin set method of installation.
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  • Single component, just add water
  • Dual use for floor and wall
  • High bond strength
  • Economical & Easy to use
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Bonds to various substrates
  • Exceeds EN12004 / ISO13007, ANSI 118.1 – 1999
  • Surface Preparation –Surfaces should be structurally sound, clean and free of all dirt, oil, grease, loose peeling paint, laitance, concrete sealers or curing compounds. Dry, dusty concrete slabs or masonry should be dampened and excess water swept off.
  • Mixing –Place clean, potable water into a clean pail. Add thin set powder into the pail. Use approximately 5 – 6L of water for 20 kg of powder. Mix by hand or with a slow speed mixer to a smooth, trowel able consistency. Allow adhesive to slake for 5-10 minutes. Adjust consistency if necessary. Remix and apply with the proper sized notched trowel.
  • Application –Apply adhesive to the substrate with the flat side of the trowel, pressing firmly to work into surface. Comb on additional adhesive with the notched side. Use the proper sized notched trowel to ensure full bedding of the tile. Spread as much adhesive as can be covered with tile in 10 minutes. Back butter large tiles (> 12”x12”) to provide full bedding and firm support. Place tiles into the wet, sticky adhesive and beat in using a beating block and rubber mallet to embed tile and adjust the level. Check adhesive for complete coverage by periodically removing a tile and inspecting bedding adhesive transfer onto back of the tile. If adhesive is skinned over (not sticky), remove and replace with fresh adhesive. It is recommended to use spacers to create joints between tiles and subsequently fill the joints with Renafix tile grout.
  • Cleaning –Clean all tools and application equipment with water immediately after use. Hardened/cured material can only be removed mechanically.
  • Concrete
  • Concrete Masonry Cement Mortar Beds
  • Cementetious Plaster and render
  • Brick Masonry
  • Cement Terrazzo
  • Open Time – 20 minutes at 27 deg C
  • Good Pot Life – 3 hr at 27 deg C
  • Time to Heavy traffic – 24 hrs

Health & Safety Information

  • During cold weather, protect finished work from traffic until fully cured.
  • Contains Portland cement and silica sand. May irritate eyes and skin. Avoid contact with eyes or prolonged contact with skin. In case of contact, flush thoroughly with water.
  • Do not take internally. Silica sand may cause cancer or serious lung problems. Avoid breathing dust. Wear a respirator in dusty areas.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
Density 1.6 Kg/L
Water Demand (MPa) 5 – 6 Litres / 20 kg bag
Minimum Thickness 3 mm
Shear Bond, Porcelain tile 28 day cure test by ANSI A118.4 – 1999:F-5.2.4 >256 psi(1.5 MPa)
Shear Bond, Porcelain tile Water Immersion test by ANSI A118.4 – 1999:F-5.2.3 >165 psi(1.1 MPa)
Compressive Strength test by ANSI A118.4 – 1999:F-6.1 (Modified) >2550 psi(17.5 MPa)

Approx 50-60 sqft per 20kg bag with 1/4” x 1/4” (6mm x 6mm) square notched trowel for a bed of 3mm thickness

Renaplast Ready Mix Cement Plaster


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