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AAC Joint Mortar

  • Renabond an factory made AAC joint adhesive is used to lay strongly and easily the AAC blocks with thin joints.
  • The presence of highly formulated polymers in Renabond stops water get vaporized in moisture and give strength from inner blocks
  • Renabond has good features like higher strength with thin joints, cost-effective, high coverage, no curing and ready to use.
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Features: High bonding strength: Renabond adhesive which made up of highly formulated polymers gives good bonding strength between the blocks which suits for both load bearing and framed structure constructions.

Higher coverage: Renabond AAC joint mortar covers up to 70 sqft , considering the thickness of the mortar 2-3 mm. Cost savings: Renabond an ready to use AAC joint mortar, saves money in way of transportation & sieving of sand labour cost.

Less mortar required: Unless like conventional cement mortar where 10-12 mm thickness of mortar required to lay between the red bricks, Renabond requires only 2-3 mm thickness of mortar.

No wastage: We going to use the AAC block laying special trowel tool to paste the renabond between two blocks, so no wastage of mortar in this case of application.

No curing: The self-curing properties of renabond adhesive leaves no curing after application, thus water is saved

Ready to mix: Renabond the Ready to use adhesive can be used just by adding water at the prescribed ratio.

Cleaning the Renacon AAC block: Before laying the AAC block, the side layers of the block should be made wet with soft sponge.

Laying the first line: The first line of AAC block need to be done by conventional method for better result.

From Second layer: After the laying the first level, from second layer renabond should be applied both horizontally and vertically with special trowel with 2-3 mm thickness.

General note: After laying AAC block for 4 feet , it is recommended to do sill concrete for every 4 feet to get best bonding, strength and avoid cracks in future

Water required 25 - 30 %
Surface area covered by 40 kg bag / 200 mm 65-70 sq.ft (Considering joint thickness of 3-4 mm)
Compressive Strength in 7 Days > 5 N/mm sq
Pot life Approx 30 minutes
Appearance Free flowing and grey in colour
Efflorescence Negligible
Curing Not required
Renaplast Ready Mix Cement Plaster


AAC பிளாக்குகள், கான்கிரீட் பிளாக்குகளை வைத்து கட்டுவதற்கு சிறப்பான இணைப்பு பொருள்.

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